Friday, May 16, 2014

Kale Chickpeas salad

This salad is for Ssshhh cooking challenge. My partner is Sandhya Ramakrishnan. She gave me  Kale and chickpeas.

1/2 cup  Boiled chickpeas
1 cup  Kale leaves
1/4 cup  Strawberries pieces

Salad dressing
1 Tsp  Lemon juice
1/4 tsp Pepper powder
1 1/2 tsp Olive oil
a pinch salt

Salad dressing
  1. In a bowl add lemon juice, pepper powder, olive oil, salt  and mix well.

For Salad
  1. In a bowl add chickpeas, kale, strawberries and mix wee.
  2. Pour salad dressing over salad and mix well. Keep it in refrigerator and serve.
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