Monday, September 17, 2012

Nippattu / Rice Flour crackers / Festival Special

Rice flour – 2 cups
Water – ½  cup
Onion paste (small) – ½ piece
Garlic paste - 3 pods
Peanuts powder – ¼ cup
(Roasted & coarsely powdered)
Curry leaves – 3 strings
Red chilli powder (or) green chilli to taste
Chana dal – 1 ½ tsp (soak in water for an hour and drain)
Oil to fry
Salt to taste
                Boi1½ cup of water in a pan. Add salt, Red chilli powder, onion paste, peanuts powder, chana dal, curry leaves and garlic paste. Boil for few minutes and add oil to it. Add rice flour. Mix well and cover the pan with a lid. Switch off the flame and let it cool. Mix and knead well. Make smooth dough without any lumps. Apply oil to your fingers. Take a small sized ball of the dough, place on oiled plastic sheet (or) banana leaf and   using your fingers shape into small puri. Once the oil is hot, deep fry in oil under medium heat till golden brown.

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  1. I love Nippatlu..whenever I go home, my mom's friend always makes them for me..

  2. Thanks for sharing Shailaja! They look crispy and perfect

  3. yummy n crispy snack....

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  4. Yummy and crispy... happy to follow you :)

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